This project consists of spending 30 - 60 minutes considering new possibilities for typography as a morning warm-up alongside checking my email. (Sometimes I end up working for longer than 60 minutes as well...)  For the words used, I choose from topical words related to current events that are getting a lot of attention or create my own words that resonate with me personally.  Currently, as of July 24th, 2019, I have drawn over 100 motifs, and I'm sure I will continue to post new updates as well. You can check them out on my Instagram and Twitter accounts.  Almost all of the drawings were made by modifying a style of Japanese traditional black lettering called "Higemoji."
2017/10/20 day:57 雷電

2017/11/06 day:58 graffiti003

2017/11/07 day:59 アキラ100%

2017/11/22 day:60 掘炬燵

2017/12/05 day:61 阿修羅閃空

2017/12/06 day:62 宇宙

2017/12/12 day:63 髭フラ

2017/12/12 day:64 髭フラ

2017/12/13 day:65 ビャン

2017/12/28 day:67 ゆく年くる年

2018/01/10 day:67 悪

2018/01/16 day:68 嘘八百

2018/01/19 day:69 マジ卍

2018/01/23 day:70 乱れ雪月花
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