This project consists of spending 30 - 60 minutes considering new possibilities for typography as a morning warm-up alongside checking my email. (Sometimes I end up working for longer than 60 minutes as well...)
For the words used, I choose from topical words related to current events that are getting a lot of attention or create my own words that resonate with me personally.
You can check them out on my Instagram and Twitter accounts.
Almost all of the drawings were made by modifying a style of Japanese traditional black lettering called "Higemoji."
2017/05/10 day:029 憂鬱
2017/05/17 day:30 正露丸
2017/05/25 day:31 とってもかわいいおひげのじダヨ
2017/05/25 day:32 ドット鬱
2017/05/26 day:33 糞リプ送信
2017/05/27 day:34 新世界点
2017/06/12 day:35 ファボってなんぼ
2017/06/14 day:36 VR黎明期
2017/06/16 day:37 アームズ
2017/06/17 day:38 意識朦朧思考停止
2017/06/20 day:39 大太郎法師
2017/06/21 day:40 底無Pinterest沼
2017/06/23 day:41 GASE FOREVER
2017/07/13 day:42 ジャスコと観覧車と私
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