This project consists of spending 30 - 60 minutes considering new possibilities for typography as a morning warm-up alongside checking my email. (Sometimes I end up working for longer than 60 minutes as well...)
For the words used, I choose from topical words related to current events that are getting a lot of attention or create my own words that resonate with me personally.
Currently, as of September 20th, 2017, I have drawn over 50 motifs, and I'm sure I will continue to post new updates as well.
You can check them out on my Instagram and Twitter accounts.
Almost all of the drawings were made by modifying a style of Japanese traditional black lettering called "Higemoji."
20170124 day:001 糞ダセー
20170126 day:002 チップスター”コンソメ”
20170128 day:003 奉納土俵入 雲龍型
20170130 day:004 童貞を殺すセーター
20170202 day:005 上質な水分補給 水素水
20170207 day:006 PSN障害
20170209 day:007 肉の日
Designed by MILTZ

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